Blacksmith Jewelry, History

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Blacksmith Jewelry’s history dates back to the 1950’s when the owner’s grandfather started the business in Meycauayan, Bulacan. Meycauayan is known for its jewelry and other blacksmith works, and his grandfather was a skilled blacksmith who mainly crafted knives, axes, and other tools.

As time passed, the influence of Chinese culture on the Philippines led to a shift in the family’s business. Since the skill of being a blacksmith is somehow the same in making jewelries they started to create more jewelry, incorporating intricate designs and precious stones into their work. The founder’s son, took over the business, focusing 0n selling the jewelry to clients in local markets and further afield.

In 2016, the business was passed down. The current owner brought a fresh perspective to Blacksmith Jewelry. He is determined to improve the quality of the equipment used in jewelry-making process and invested in modern tools and technology. With these upgrades, Blacksmith Jewelry was able to produce even more stunning pieces of jewelry.

The owner also saw an opportunity to sell directly to clients, he created a website and social media presence of Blacksmith Jewelry, showcasing their unique pieces to the world. This allowed the business to reach a broader audience and establish a more personal connection with their customers.

Today, Blacksmith Jewelry is a well- established brand known for its high-quality, handcrafted pieces. From humble beginnings in the 1950’s, the family’s passion for blacksmithing and jewelry-making has flourished into a thriving business that continues to innovate and create stunning pieces of the jewelry for the clients around the world.